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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with Spanish. The information is divided into the following categories:

Spanish Language Resources

All of the links in this category refer to sites located around the Internet for the study of the Spanish language.  These sites include Spanish grammars, dictionaries, and other language resources for both teachers and students.

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Spanish Culture

The links included in this list of web pages focus on the study of culture, ancient and modern.  The sites focus on the study of Spanish culture or the indigenous cultures of Central America.

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Resources for Researching Foreign Countries

These sites offer useful information to students, teachers, and potential world travelers about foreign countries, especially Spanish speaking countries.

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Teaching Resources

The sites included in this group are sites that may be useful to teachers of Spanish.   The sites include a number of links to opportunities offering teachers the chance to study abroad.

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World Newspapers

Each of the sites below offers links to world newspapers, many of which are located in a particular Spanish speaking country.  However, individuals wanting to use these sites will need a strong foundation in Spanish in order to be able to understand the articles since they are all written exclusively in Spanish.

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